Sunday, March 16, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Embraces The Darkness In My Soul

Dark Souls 2 came out, and it got me playing Dark Souls 1 again. It's still hard, but I feel like going through it a couple times, and learning to level up my Warrior better definitely helped out a lot. I'm only mentioning this because I'm working on music again (HINT HINT).

Last Wednesday I streamed some Rocksmith, thinking about doing it this Wednesday as well, maybe I'll change up the games every so often, who knows?

I found out I'm in Reverbnation's Top 10 Rock Artists for my area! I'll be putting more stuff up on there as well, since it just makes multi-posting stuff easier, as well as hopefull getting my music out there.

Speaking of which, a couple of conventions are getting back to me, and I'll be sending out follow ups and registration papers, and all kind of other neat things, so I can get some live shows before... well, hopefully at one of them I'll have something big to announce regarding the album.

Now, this weekend, while I had some fun playing DnD, Magic and watching UFC fights, there were some sad times, and I feel like 2 Green Day songs cover the situation well:
Wayne Knight died in a- Oh, wait, he didn't? I was gonna play "Time Of Your Life" but I guess not.

Also, Fred Phelps is on death's door. So...

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