Monday, August 5, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Is Trying His Hardest GODDAMN IT

Not much work was put into the album since, A. the song I'm up to is a rerecord and B. The Music Video has been taking its toll on my brain due to my shitty laptop. It'll be released in time for YouTube's Geek Week (which is apparently a thing)

Saw Zombieland this week and it was AWESOME!!! The writing team behind that are also behind the (most recent) draft of the planned (because it's still coming out at some point) Deadpool movie. Let me just say, those guys LOVE their text superimposed on the background.

Also, I updated my con shows for the next few months, including Umicon and OMFG!

Sorry this was so short, but this week's podcast update will be worth it.

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