Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 51 WITH B-B-B-BONUS!!


-Of all the sports on TV to watch, Football would probably be the easiest to follow, because each team only plays once a week. Other than that, I only follow in the event of a championship or if I'm working on something else. Like WWE Raw...
-Listening to Jeff talk about puzzle games made me realize that all good games, even extended to shooters/action/etc., do one thing really well. Even a Call Of Duty (in theory), with all of its complicated control schemes, can use all of those buttons to serve the shooting, increasing the challenge by adding more enemies or changing the layout of the battlefield. BUT THEN THEY'RE ALL LIKE "HERE'S A GIMMICK LEVEL, OK BYE"
-For a quick Metroidvania fix, where you get that "A-HA!" every time you enter a new room or get a new letter, here's ASCIIVania

-Here are my 3 entries into the Jock Jam Pantheon (that are all remixes of Space Jam):
-Crowd Chant for the uninitiated:

-If we're contemplating "Stronger" for Jock Jam Status, then we can easily put on "20 Percent Cooler" by Ken Ashcorp.
-Echo Chamberites, if we're talking about Dadrock, HERE'S YOUR RESEARCH!
-Also this.
-My pick for this week, The Studio Killers. They're The Gorillaz but for the club crowd.

This week, I was also on Heel Turn, the Zone-Cast Wrestling Podcast. 

Not a lot to go over I think, so here's a word-for-word transcription of my notes from watching WWE Raw:
-First 5 seconds: THE BEARD IS HERE!!!
-Rob Van Damme is more acrobatic than one would expect.
-Albert Del Rio beat up his ring announcer, who is easily the best part of the show.
-Cody Rhodes is throwing a case in the river, which an intern had to get
-Ryback looks and sounds like a Pokemon
-I like how in all Diva promos they're all bunched together.
-John Cena is a face? What a coincidence, because I want to punch him in the face really badly.
-With sheep "We're here"
-Tag match resembles an average backwoods bar on a Saturday
-Victory skip lap (Re: Diva's Match)
-Cody Rhodes looks like Howard Stark from Captain America
-CM Punk is the bastard child of Lemmy and Wolverine
-Then Brock Lesnar comes in and it's the Wolverine vs. The Hulk
-The Sheild = Generic Bad Guy Team
-Daniel Bryan is a cool dude.

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