Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Status Quo Wednesday: Does No Man's Sky and Stranger Things Take Place In The Same Universe?

Working my ass off to get my set perfect for this weekend. If you were at Mini Iwai, you heard a new song I've been working on, hopefully by Mizu I'll have another one ready.

Regardless, Mizu was one of the first cons I played down here in FL, so I'll definitely be down to have a good time, especially to catch Mega Ran's show. Friends Chaotic Neutral will be running a shiiiiiiitton of panels, and they have been pretty fun. 

Also running a special deal: If I get 500 FB likes before Mizucon, I'll play shirtless. ;)
You can tell how desperate for attention I am because of the clickbaity title.


Much appropos, since Mega Ran. Any time he's got Xavier Woods/Austin Creed on the brain he puts out some good stuff. I hope that one day he makes it as the official theme to one of the PPVs. One day, him and Keith Apicary will show up on a proper WWE event, and at that point, wrestling will finally be real.

Shovel Knight's got a great soundtrack, and I think only Undertale rivals it in how many awesome remixes I've seen from a recent game.

I MADE A GAME!Giant Bomb held a community Game Jam called "Giant ROM" and I made a game for it! It's a top-down shooter called "The Last Game You'll Ever Play"

The thinking behind it was to make a game in the vein of something like Ridiculous Fishing or Indigo Prophecy (in theory at least with the latter) where the better you do in one half, the more challenging the second half is.

So for TLGYEP, what I thought of doing was an E3 presentation where you pitch a game to a bunch of cyborgs, who you eventually have to fight. Right now there's only five options and one question, but fixing the game and expanding it is on the greater priority over fixing the art and presentation.

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