Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Status Quo Sunday Welcomes Our Eldrazi Overlords

This week's jam:

Never has music and 80's style fitness become so engrossing since Eric Prydz's "Call On Me"

Wait, what was I talking about again?

Oh yeah, sexy ass YouTube videos. Like for example, the Battle For Zendikar song I FINALLY put up on Youtube!

Just in time for the Top 8 in the Oath of the Gatewatch Pro Tour to be all Eldrazi decks!

Basically, this is a cop out, since I don't have a song ready for you all YET. I am working on that, a Deadpool song, and a mini session that I'm developing and will have for you all next Sunday should I have nothing ready.

I'm on thin ice at work and everyone's sanity back here is razor thin, so it's been touch and go.

You know how during my Echo Chamber Recaps I've been making up Magic: The Gathering Card for th crew? Well, Jeff made one for me!
Eric, Rhythm Bastard
My plan was to be a mono-Green creature, with fighting, but eh.
Also, Jeff hade another one for me:
Status Quo Radio

 We're on Skype right now working out the details.

Lastly, Orlando based Music Festival Ongaku Overdrive is holding a survey, that will let them know what YOU want to see at the festival!
*cough* write in Rhythm Bastard *cough*

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