Monday, February 1, 2016

Status Quo Sunday However Is Nerdcore


This week's jam is a new song!

The cover got Lars' blessing, so I'm happy!

For those of you further behind, this is a cover I did of MC Lars's song "Hot Topic Is Not Punk Rock". Part of it spawned from the rumor that Hot Topic was buying out ThinkGeek, and thought "This makes 100% of all the sense."

Now, MC Lars, in his email to be after I sent him this said, "Yeah, but Think Geek is more punk rock than Hot Topic". That's true, ThinkGeek sells tools, and creativity toys. Hot Topic sells, well...

Mostly though this song was born out of the idea that after all I've been through, I'd rather see more creation than consumption when it comes to nerd stuff.

Lemme break it down for you like this:
"Turning your passions into something tangible is nerdcore...":
I'm talking about making stuff: music, fanart/fiction,  cosplay, whatever. Do something other than buying a thing and waiting for those on high to make more. Learn something in the process.

At all the cons I play at, I always try to buy at least one homemade thing from somebody whether it's a comic, a print, a CD, etc. because it feels good when you put yourself out there, and someone says "YES!", even it's fan art, because someone had to learn a skill.

 "Representing marginalized groups is nerdcore..."
I'm seeing more and more women and POC at cons and making music in the nerdcore scene AND THIS IS A GOOD THING. Some of this shit's pretty fun, and it's fun to see other people joining in.

Also, tying in to the first point, it's easier than ever to have your work published and made your voices heard, a lot of voices people haven't considered before.

"MC Lars is nerdcore..."
Well he did make the song...

The point of all this is, as Neil Gaiman put it:

This come right off the heels of the Fine Bros. annoncing their licensing of their "_____ REACT" videos. The Fine Bros. don't make anything, they just show people stuff and film their reactions, and then they act like they're changing the world.

"You know that open platform we have for people to submit their creative works? Fuck that, make it more like every other media"

Omni Expo in less than a month! Suuuper hyped!

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