Saturday, February 13, 2016

Podcast Recaps for 2/12/2016: 700 POSTS! LIGHT IT UP!

As my 700th post on this blog, I would like to say a big and hearty "THANK YOU!" to everyone who's been with me so far. Since this blog began in 2008, I've released two albums, lived in a different state, graduate college, played a shitton of conventions and made some new friends along the way.

What better way to celebrate this than a podcast I was interviewed for?


Show Notes
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This was fun! It really helped that me and Chad both loved the hell out of MtG and Fallout. Keep in mind this was recorded late in December, so this was back when only 75% of the population saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens.



-Now, normally this is where I'd put my card, but Jeff beat me to a card based off me. AND I'M ME! Here's the two for comparison:


Eh, formatting!

My rare spell:
This Gigantic Robot Kills
I didn't want to lean too hard into the FIGHTBROS thing, so I just made a card in green's wheelhouse.

And to complete the cycle, our brave leader:

Commandant Owen Douglass

And his rare spell:
Pac-Man Fever

And, here's a tribute to Paolo's Shoutout, AKA Guardians of Meletis:

-Rock Band 4 new songs: They released 90% of the bands they announced THE FIRST WEEK

Lots of good tracks here. If the Mad Catz news spells out bad news for Rock Band, they certainly are going out on a high note.


FUN FACT: This wasn't released online because it was part of an episode of their Musical Episode from Version 3, "Mega64!". That episode also featured their PaRappa skit, and their Elite Beat Agents skit, some of their best work.

-"Overkill" from Scrubs, because the acoustic version is so great:

-I can listen to me and Jeff say "CHICKEN FRIED" in our fake-AVGN voices for hours and hours.

-Also Audioslave's "Killing In The Name" feat. Bill Cosby

-Real names I made up for this podcast:
Steve Programmerson
Rick Janitorson
Robert Vaperson
Jerimah Smokesworth

-Nothing against hoverboards/vaping, but that kind of stuff is very prominent in brogrammer culture, which, like Hipsters and Emos, is one of the much maligned subcultures that, five years down the line stopped getting hate. Like, who gets upset at music/kids being emo? Instead we punish people for having feelings by calling them an SJW. Hipsters? Pssh... They invested their trust funds and are now doing stuff that older white people do, like gentrification, only this time, they do it on purpose.

Brogrammers will be broke in 5 years, or like their hipster bretheren, will reinvest and start doing Evil White Person Shit.

-YOU HAVE HUGE GUTS comes from the Doom Comic:

It's OK that he talks like a dumbass, that's the bezerker drug talking.

-Now would be a good time to plug my friend DJ Roborob's remix of Mirror's Edge's "Still Alive'

-Tom Clancy died October 1st, 2013.

-Giant Bomb receives meat from Bulletstorm:

Though I don't think anything can top Dante Inferno's campaign, where journalists were harassed via mail and a fake protest was staged, a level of desparate not seen since the Acclaim days. Like, where as Dante's Inferno was a constant reminder of THIS GAME WILL EXIST AND IT WILL BE SO EDGY (*cough*DeadpoolSuicideSquad*cough*), Acclaim expected to get press via a "Look What These Dumbasses Did" story.



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