Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Status Quo Radio Kickstarter and Release Date! I mean, Sunday?

Uh... take us to the fridge?

Don't hate, knowing this rap won me and my team paintings in the trivia contest at Orlando Nerd Fest:

For those of you further behind, (from their site) Orlando Nerd Fest is an annual celebration of nerd music and culture.I was there last year, this year was in the Orlando Science Center. Not the worst venue, but it was an interesting one. Like, it would make a great Rock Band/Guitar Hero level.

I performed at the day after show at The Geek Easy on Monday. Other than my pinky cramping up during one of my songs, it went pretty good. For me. Then Navi and Picnibus owned bones.

But yeah, it ruled.

I already posted up my impressions on Facebook, so I'll skip that for now.

Instead, I'll go to the two relevant things I announced at my show:


It'll be modest, to help with printing CDs and merch. Rewards will include the usual CDs, posters and T-Shirt, with hopefully the added playmat, and a private concert/MtG Draft.

I'm also setting up stretch goals where I can get a budget going for a music video and other things

For a $10,000 stretch goal, I will barge into Harmonix HQ to give them the entire album as DLC for Rock Band 4. 

(I picked this date, as it's the date of the original release of the OG Team Fortress Mod)

That'll give me more than a month to finish things up for....


The release of the Orange Box, aka the released date of Team Fortress 2.

"Status Quo Radio" is a concept album about a former rock star to tries to forge his own path in the world after his bandmates die. Originally inspired by the game Team Fortress 2, the concept goes beyond that into a tale of love and revenge.


Orlando Nerd Fest was a motherfucking blast, and the fact that I'm only kind of tired from my long work day is just icing on the cake.

5 thoughts as I put together Status Quo Sunday and make sure my car is already unpacked
1. Different venue that kept things PG (I SCIENCE PEOPLE!), and less HUGE HUGE names (MC Chris being the biggest), but it didn't really feel like a step back, more like a step to the side. Keep in mind last year was technically another side step as it came out of the ashes of Nerdapalooza.
If Chozo Ninpo and the rest of the ONF crew use this year as a base to build on for 2016, then it can grow into something really special.

2. Not as many big names left a lot of other people to impress, with Rapper SkyBlew and Psychadelic Punk Hop group Navi + Picnibus (who also played with EyeQ and Dj RoboRob during their sets) probably being the breakout stars of the show. Also Askmeificare propmted a "DUDE WHERE DID YOU FIND THESE GUYS?" in Chozo's direction. Navi described them as "Bad Brains meets ODB" which is pretty apt.
Also, finally saw Mega Ran in concert, and preordered ‪#‎RNDM‬ on the spot.

3. This scene is diverse! So many different kinds of people CREATING so many different kinds of art and music, all who consider themselves "nerds". In a world where that's defined by consumption, creation and contribution is, at least in my opinion, a sign of maturity.

Which makes this news anchor ESPECIALLY cringe worthy:…/os-orlando-nerd-fest-20150…

"I'm not a nerd, but apparently these nerds are going to making their nerd shit at NerdPlaceLand, they got all kinds of nerds, from door nerds to butt nerds, maybe you hot anchor ladies I want to bang are too cool for this gay baby nerd shit, but STEAMPUNK? VICTORIAN ERA? THAT'S WEIRD HAHAHAHA! It's weird how nerds are infesting- I mean taking over Orlando with their cooties- I mean nerd germs! Laser shows are fucking corny."

That guy probably thinks you take pot via needle.

Gamergate has NOTHING to bitch about: "Wah, cultural critics and marginalized groups are finding our medium of entertainment relevant enough to have opinions on it, and instead of making gaming better and more interesting with their feedback, we're going to be acting like dickbags and whine about framerates. WE'RE SO PERSECUTED!!!!"

ONF was like: "Hey, here's something within nerd culture that celebrates creation instead of consumption!"
"PFFT. fuck that"

4. Time for some negatives: The video game sellers leaving before 4 PM. I was all set to purchase some stuff after RPG-Unit's set (and see if they had Buck Bumble), but then BAM, left without a trace.

5. I've got a loooooong way to go as far as just about everything, especially after seeing Navi's and Random Encounter's sets.That should be the attitude, right?

Shout outs to other people I saw over the weekend:
The Cog is Dead
Richie Branson
Valentine Wolfe
Twill Distilled
Press B

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