Friday, November 28, 2014

Echo Chsmber Post Game Episode 105


-Jeff DID visit me in Florida, and we did hang out, and it was good. WE FOUND A BOWLING ALLEY! Seriously. We were in City Place in West Palm Beach, and we come upon this club on the street called "Revolutions". It looked really sketchy, and we thought it was like, a gay bay or an underground fight club, but it was actually a bowling alley with an arcade and the bar.

-Arcanon has wrong opinions about the best Amiibo

-Adult Job For Grown Up Money needs to be a game. Also, Mario: The Lawyer. Seriously, we give you people FREE video game ideas, and not ONE has been made. We all have Grown Up Money, we can put a bounty out there. The bounty will not be a lot, but we still love you.

-What I tried to bring up in the podcast, was that in the game Day of the Tentacle, you can play Maniac Mansion in its entirety.


-Five Nights At Freddy's was done by a pretty hardcore Christian dude. It's cool though that he made the game just for the sake of making a horror game.

-The "Whales" discussion: It's good money, but it's not a sustainable business model. You still need to focus on people to convert into whales or giving new things for them to spend money. However, it's still a gamble, and it's good policy to not bank on one source of income.

Back in the early days when expansion packs were something regular, the company had to make a large investment for a lot of content that had to warrant a new CD-ROM printing, a new box and shelf space on the brick and mortar stores. It took investment and effort. Nowadays, DLC can be delivered in smaller packages and almost immediately without installation, so ANYTHING can be DLC.

But it's a hard balance to strike, because making anything still requires resources, and you can't pay for those resources by throwing a bunch of shit in the player's direction and think, "Someone's going to pay for it!" Put too many pay to win roadblocks in the player's way, and they won't get far. Put too much extra cosmetic stuff in the game, and it might not get played.

Plus, if whales are so smart, THEN WHY DO THEY LIVE IN THE OCEAN?

-The Jack Thompson thing is real though.
Let's sum up the arguments being made:
Anita Sarkeesian- Hey, video games can use these things that reinforce tired gender bullshit less often.
Jack Thompson- Ban this video game because banning shit is all I know how to do.

-Gravity Falls is a fantastic series.

S2e5 edgy on purpose

Soos and the Real Girl was a pretty good episode, despite coming out around the same times as Five Night's at Freddys.

-When Paolo mentioned "HATE. HATE." I was thinking of "I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream" with AM's Pillar Of Hate.


-When Jeff mentioned Andrew Huang's song's "Water", I thought of the song "Drop" by COrnelius which is along the same lines:

-And remember kids:

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