Monday, July 22, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Fights The Kaiju

Saw Pacific Rim on Sunday. It's like Guiellromo Del Toro read my mind, found out whatever pisses me off about action movies, and said "Fuck that noise, and plus add in some Robots and Shark Monsters".

I liked Hellboy, and it's made me curious about the rest of GDT's work, but my main reason for seeing it was Charlie Day as a Scientist.


So, Studio One has officially gotten too unwieldy for me to cram everything into one file, so I've started breaking up the Studio One File into song sized chunks. I still have the main template to work from, so it's not like all is lost. I just have to learn how to master, that's all.

Now, since this was originally a TF2 concept album, I originally planned "Radio Days Pt. 1"
to be the Engineer's song, and be in three parts. HOWEVER, since the story I'm planning has taken things into a different direction, I've repurposed it, and it'll be included in the interlude that introduces the 2nd Act.

The new Radio Days will be more in line with Bob Dylan than country music, but as always I'm gonna be working my ass off on it!

NewGrounds Audio Death Match snubbed me for the 4th year in a row, BUT don't care because...

I got invited to play at Anime Festival Orlando’s inaugural Orlandia Music Festival GO! (OMFG!) on August 16-18th. Details are coming soon, but I will have to update the sideboard.

SO, if you want to help a brother out, and help build up my warchest so I can start selling physical merch, my album if for sale, and you CAN pay more than $0!

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