Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 45


Thanks Obama,
I say as I stab my wife in the stomach,
killing the baby that I no longer have to care for
Abortion is legal now.

Thanks Obama,
I say as I leave her on the ground,
Because now I have to gay marry another a man.
Gay marriage is legal now.

Thanks Obama,
I say as I have sex with the first man I see,
Clutching his beautiful butt as my tongue is in his mouth.
Our love is true now.

Thanks Obama.

Yeah, we kinda got poilitcal on this one. That week was FUCKING CRAZY, AMIRITE?
Basically the GOP was all like "No items, Fox only, FINAL DESTINATION" and everyone else was like all "But I want to pick Pichu" "I want to play on Brinstar Depths" "Can't we have one item?"
Then the GOP ripped the TV off the wall and yelled "NOOOOO!!!", and everyone kinda sat around awkwardly.

BTW, here's a pic of me and my waifu Shenequa-kun again:

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