Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Echo Chamber Episode 40 Post Game


This podcast in a nutshell:

Man, what a fun episode! I only intermittently listen to Comedy Bang Bang, but I'm definitely picking up again after this week

Listening to it, there weren't a lot of things referenced or topics I wanted to discuss, so instead I will list the things I learned about myself by question:

-Omelette's for dinner rule, and most people would probably be better off if they ate breakfast like they do dinner, and dinner like they do breakfast. You got all that food in your belly when you're doing stuff the rest of the day, and when you get home you can unwind with a slice of toast or a breakfast sandwich, that way all that food is being used instead of being stored as fat. Also, I use the word "fixings" instead of "toppings". I've been in the South too long.

-I really like The Twilight Zone, in that I really like the gut-punchy endings where things go from bad to OK to worse in the span of 22 minutes. And me eating ice cream, getting x-ray powers only to have it stolen from my future self and being left to live in a world filled with perpetually horny people, is right up there with some of the best episodes.

P.S. After seeing the 80's Twilight Zone episodes written by George R.R. Martin, I'm less than eager to see anything Game of Thrones...

-I'm so weird and mumbly already, that no one would notice that I sporadically add "hashtag" into my sentences. :( There is no emoticon to express my depression right now.

-There are three situations where I would have sex with another man:
1. Spite (Fred Phelps, Rush Limbaugh)
2. Obligation (i.e. Jello Biafra comes up to me and says "I wrote 'Holiday In Cambodia', DROP EM")
and now,
3. I am married to the other man by a Hipster Shark, and Would You Rather rules state that we have to consumate the marriage.

-The main exception to all of that is me having sex with myself apparently.

As to what I learned: I enjoy living in metropolitan areas and free healthcare. I would be willing to accidentally walk in on AnimeCow screwing his clone to afford all of that.

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