Saturday, January 26, 2013

RBN Liveblogging DHMDTST Part 1

6:15 PM- Reaper's open, The League is on TV, LET'S DO THIS.

Just a brief update as to where this all stands: Robotman's Lament is ready to be compiled, as it was the 1st song I started work on before "Hell Yeah". There's still somethings missing from that like overdrive and a crafted venue, but it's SOMETHING for now.

 Tonight I will be working on "College Party", and earlier today I just finished the Expert Drums. Tonight I'll be working on reductions and some vocals.

6:35 PM- Drum Animations and Hard Reductions are done. "College Party" is a pretty fast song with a lot of fast 16th note kicks, so for hard, I removed the consecutive 8th notes, EXCEPT for when there's a double kick. On to Medium.

6:55 PM- Enjoying The League so far. Paul Scheer, for those interested, does a podcast on Earwolf called "How Did This Get Made?" about bad movies. They did an epiosde on The Super Mario Bros. I'm probably going to check out after this DVD.

7:20 PM- I know jack shit about football and am digging The League. Medium Drums proved to be a bit of a problem, since there were a lot of parts where it would be a single crash followed by a single kick. Going on to Easy Drums.

8:00 PM- Paul Scheer has ass ugly teeth. Wow. But it's OK, cause I got beer and am gonna watch Dredd later.

8:25 PM- So it looks like I'm going to be watching Dredd in a bit. Drums are done, but I didn't get too far on the vocals. I figured to 1/3 of the Vocals (since they're all solo) for two songs per day.

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