Friday, January 18, 2013

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 24

So if you lookin' for some ho's 
Now you know where to go
Drop down to the flo'
An go to the likasto
Likasto Likasto
Lika lika likasto

Here's my Top 5 Of The Past Year for comparison sake.
5. Minecraft (XBLA)- I haven't given this game a shot since just this year, and now I regret both the time I wasted not playing this and the hours I've wasted playing it since downloading it. My main motivation for getting was really just to have something to play when I want to relax on the couch. You can play around with it for 5 nminutes or five hours and still do something even if its just clearing out some dirt or putting some sand in a furnace to make glass. I'm a huge fan of glass structures.

4. Rock Band Blitz (XBOX 360)- More than anything, this is the game that still gets me to buy Rock Band DLC: I don't need to break out my instruments, I can do everything at once, and like my choice for #2, my friends and the "OK, NOW I know what to do" makes this the second biggest time waster on the XBLA.

3. FTL: Faster Than Light (PC)-Dear Jesse, I love you, but goddamn it this fucking game. I'm not big on strategy games, but this one is just action-y enough and reminds me of all those Flash Games I waste my time on where you can upgrade stuff, and yeah. FTL.

2. Trials Evolution (XBLA)- I've spent hours on this game and I haven't even gotten on to the level editor yet. It's a very simple premise: just get to the end of the level. But the difficulty increases so slowly that you actually need to get better at it, and when you go back to the earlier levels it's like "Wait, how did I fail so hard at this?". The allure of the perfect run always keeps me coming back for more, and I've seen some people do amazing downloadable tracks all for FREE.

1. The Walking Dead (XBLA)- If I wanted an easily accessible example as to why video games can add to a narrative, this is what I'd give them. I talked about it in the past before, but this is just a gentle reminder.

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