Sunday, January 27, 2013

DHMDTST RBN LIveblogging Part 2


5:35 PM- Diet Pepsi, The League and more RBN work. Woohoo.

Yesterday I was able to meet my quota by doing all the drums for College Party and Pass The Class AND able to do 1/3 of the vocals. Since "Pass The Class" is open, I'll continue on that.

5:40 PM- After seeing supergreatfriends LP of MODE I want to make an FMV game of my own.

5:50 PM- OK, MODE has to be the most pretentious game ever.  Right now this girl is talking all about synchronicity and auras and what not. It looks like the stream is full of horny bastards as it seems they want to have sex with nearly everyone who has shown interest.

5:58 PM- Still authoring vocals. There's a lot of breaks in this song, so I'm covering a lot of ground in a short amount of time. However, there are a lot of slides, so I'm authoring everything, but adding the lyrics afterwards, EXCEPT for when there's slides. It's tiring adding lyrics everytime I author a note, and it gets confusing adding lyrics in afterwards with all these note changes.

6:30 PM- Now authoring to Game Grumps. Vocals are finished (for now) and working on Bass.

6:32 PM- My homeboy Jesse might not be the best bassist, but damn does he make it easy for me to author these parts.

6:52 PM- Aaaaand Expert's done. Gonna move around for a bit, then come back to it. 

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