Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Pass The Class" Music Video

Ladies and gentlemen, MY FIRST MUSIC VIDEO!
Hell Yeah! This took 4 days on 4 different weekends, but at long last, it all came together! Me and the Cannibal Troll guys are definitely doing more work together! I was reading over an article Adam Warrock did, 10 Things I Learned While Shooting, Directing & Editing My First Music Video, and a lot of it rang really true, especially the bit about lip-synching and letting the camera run.

With that, I'd like to propose my own list of stuff I learned:
1. Sing it, don't lip-synch it.- If you sing it, you get all that emotion and it comes through in the video and singing helped me a lot with how I looked on camera.

2. Have a plan, or don't- 90% of the shots in this video were made up on the spot, and we had nothing but a general guideline to go off of, and minus the beginning, sometimes the weirdness adds to the video.  

3. REALLY FUCKING SELL IT- Especially since you can't see my eyes or eyebrows, it's kind of hard to emote. I lost my eyes in a groupie accident with my old band, The Bastards, in 1968, so I need to wear the goggles to see. As long as I look like I'm into it, then you'll be into it to!

4. At the end of the day, I'd rather be weird- David Ginn, the director basically doesn't give a fuck, and there's a very human element to that, even if with my square jaw and beefy fram,If this music video ends up not working, at least it won't be ignored. As long as it makes the viewer feel something or think something, then I've done my job.

Making Of Video:

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