Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Echo Chamber Episode 1 Post Game- Summer Jams

So recently I was on the pilot for a new podcast called "The Echo Chamber" with Jeff Webster of Single White Infidel, Arcanon of Chart Toppers Authoring and The Anime Cow of... Anime?

Our pilot episode discussed Summer Jams, spurned by the NPR list of summer jams throughout the ages.

Some things we kinda covered that I'd like to talk about anyway:

-Ska is the ultimate summer jam music, and I SAW A BUNCH OF THEM ON JUNE 27th! Quick hits: Suburban Legends: I only caught the last few songs of their set, but I regretted every second I was stuck in suckjob. OR SHOULD I SAY DAY JOB? Bought an album from them, which has been a really good road trip soundtrack. Plenty of good Rock Band fodder in there ;)

Big D and the Kids Table I recognized the least, but they put on a good set.

Joe Manganiello introduced Goldfinger, and these guys make Green Day look lethargic. I learned how to fist (lead with the index) and saw a fan eat a Twinkie on stage. The only two I recognized were "Superman" and "99 Red Balloons" which made for an enthralling encore.

Reel Big Fish played all the biggies, and MORE! During the encore they played "Take On Me" and for some reason a bunch of idiots vacated the theater, so I was like third row from the back for the latter half of the show. A lot of fun, and one of the rare shows that was reasonably priced and someplace reasonable to get to after work.

-Is it me, or have arcade games gotten harder? Especially racing and fighting games, so you have to by a save card to play it over and over again so you can upgrade your character and car, so you have to throw more money at it. BULL. SHIT.

-Working (maybe) on a new song "Doing Some Crack and Cheating On My Girl" 

Anyway, we WILL be doing it again. YOU CAN'T STOP US!!!

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