Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 3

This week was covers!

As usual, I give a brief overview of what we talked about, and 

-This should give you a basic guide for our discussion:

The comic is by Winston Rowntree, who does the wordy, but still well done comic "Subnormailty" This is from his sidegig, "Abnormality" which has a lot less words, and a LOT easier on the ol' bandwidth.

-We discussed how The Misfits and Bob Dylan get covered a lot, therefore if I were to be in charge of the List Of Standards, it would be all The Static Age and Blood On The Tracks.

-I was pretty silent during Garage Inc. discussion since I'm not big into metal, but holy shit this is life changing:

-So two bands that I love the shit out of (as you might be able to tell from reading this blog), Green Day and The Aquabats, have both covered "Knowledge" by Operation Ivy. It's a really easy song, and I've covered it live before. I think this was the answer to the question: Has any cover benefitted from slowing it down?
The Aquabats, Campfirin' it up:

Green Day, proving how simple this song is:

-Yes Mystakin, I WAS upset and I AM a Ramones fan >:(
Musically they're not the most interesting thing, but I gotta represent Queens.

-There exists a bootleg of me covering "Party Rock Anthem" at I-Con 31. It WILL surface eventually...

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