Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Hell Yeah" RBN Liveblogging Part 3

6:30 PM- I figured the melody out on a piano while on the set for a movie the Cannibal Troll guys are doing. So I booted up REAPER, and tried it out, it just finished Auditioning... So good to have a free couple of hours to try things out!

6:39 PM- A couple of errors here and there, but I think I got this thing figured out. This is the part where singing lessons might come in handy... :(

6:54 PM- Using the chords I played during the song, This melody is almost licked. The good thing about authoring vocal melodies is that I get behind the real nuts and bolts of the song. I guess that's why I'm the Rhythm Bastard and not the Lead Bastard.

However, anytime I ask my Dad to do anything a "manager" would, I call him Lead Bastard :)

6:58 PM- "Who wants to put on some blindfolds and get in my car?" Oh Gravity Falls, you so silly.

7:19 PM- So, three tries later, I've got the first verse 100% accurate. Woohoo.  

8:00 PM- Back from dinner, this shit's working, and I'm halfway through Gravity Falls. Grunkle is the creepiest way to say "uncle" ever.

8:35 PM- Now on to the bridge, where hopefully I've got it.

Also this weekend I discovered the Walking Dead.

8:55 PM- Finished vocals! All I need to do is add overdrive and practice and this baby will be available for Rock Band... Playtesters!

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