Thursday, April 5, 2012

I-Con 31 Recap: People I Want To Plug

Yesterday was for Dino Hunter MD, today it's everyone else.

#1- Herobes
Herobes are what the name implies: Superhero and geekery themed robes. Their set up was a nice little picnic table with some Dunkin' Donuts Muchkins and coffee. I sat down, put on the Batman robe they had, and oh shit was this comfortable. Alex, the salesman present, was pitching to me the whole time, but the robes were worth it. The $60 price tag is a little much for me, but if I got paid before I-Con I would defintely consider it.


#2- GeekBoyPress
This guy was right across the table from us, and had a lot of prints on sale. I picked up a Psych one for the family back at home (they got me into that show). Hes a cool guy.

#3- Marc Gunn
Picked up his latest album, "Don't Go Drinking With Hobbits". I made an effort to only pick up stuff from indepentent artists and vendors, and this he seemed like a "big deal", I figured I'd pick up one of his album. Played a song or two on The Bunker, and I gotta say, I'm digging it.

#4- Rag-Nerd-Rok Podcast
My job sucks, and leaves me with long periods where I'm staring at the clock, slowly pecking away at the keyboard. Usually I'll have the Mega64 or WTFPod to listen to, and these guys have officially joined the rotation. There's a couple different segments on the show, discussion, mad libs, etc. that keep it interesting.

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