Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Bastard vs. The Top 40, 2.5 Years Later

In my travels, I saw an old article I wrote in response to a blog post hailing the Top 40.

Two questions came out at me:
1. How come I don't write long ass blogposts like that anymore?
2. Has my attitude changed since then?

Then the answers:
1. Because suckjob I hate lots.
2. While it hasn't changed, it has softened a little. I regularly repost Todd In The Shadows, kick some DJ Earworm, and since I'm no longer required to put up with it in a gym-type setting, some of these songs can actually catch on for me. Yes, the very nature of the format means plenty of shit gets overplayed, but I'm in control. "Rolling In The Deep", "Party Rock Anthem", and "Pumped Up Kicks" are just a couple of the songs I've grown to love that happened to be played on Z100 (a NY Top 40 station)

However, the point of my rebuttal remains: just because it's on the Top 40 doesn't mean it's the best. Good stuff gets ignored all of the time, one-hit wonders are as frequent as ever, and there's still shit out there, so Top 40 doesn't quite have the success rate the author of the original blog post implies.

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