Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 11th, 2012 Videos Of The Week (I-Con 31)

HEY! HEY!! I've got a reason to plug myself again!!

LIVE VIDEO OF THE WEEK: "Axe Punk/Axe Cop: The Song" by Rhythm Bastard at I-Con 31

I ROCK OUT TOO HARD!!! This is the other live video I have from I-Con and Xenu damn it this was fun to play with just my friends there.

But some asshole calls me "Eric", which is certainly not my real name.

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK: "Apartment" by Young The Giant

Hey, remember these guys? Young The Giant?
I saw this music video the other day on MTVU, and my first thought was, "Oh! I'm watching a channel called MTV and there's music on it!"

Then I thought, "Oh! This is the band that covered 'Ignition (Remix)'!"

It's not really my thing, but it was nice video. At first the whole "Wacky Hipsters Having Crazy Spontaneous Fun! (TM)" was going to get me to close the browser, but occasionally it cut to the lead singer lying in the middle of nowhere, and that little mystery was enough to keep me watching.

I'm still on the fence about giving them money, since it might be some good chill music.

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