Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Whole Lotta Rock Band News

First off, THE RBN STORE IS NOW OPEN!!! I played a couple songs, seems good so far. Right now, I'm amazed at all the JoCo.
"Steven Wells" is coming along in its own special way, I still gotta few kinks to work out:
-Tracks are too quiet
-During the bridge, everything goes out of sync
-No mouth movements
-Vocals need tweaking

In news that should surprise nobody. There's a Rock Band 3 coming this holiday season. That's all we got.

In news that surpized everybody: 4 Lady Gaga tracks for DLC. And the Eric Cartman version of "Poker Face". Goddamnit woman, first you say loved Dookie so much you licked every page, then this? Damn it, world, why you gotta mess with my head like this?

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