Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fur And LARPing At I-Con

No, don't expect a full write-up, but I was at I-Con at Stony Brook University this weekend. While there, I decided to give random people a CD of the songs I made so far, including a secret one JUST RECORDED.

Hopefully of the 5 demo CDs I gave out, one of you got curious and decided to check me out.

Well, just to sum things up, here's the rundown:
This site originally started as a way for me to track my progress learning the songs from the original Rock Band game on guitar. Once I started playing Open Mics and expanding my repertoire, the blog now features Rock Band news, as well as my own stuff published under the Rhythm Bastard.
I will do the occasional song update like I used to, where after I learned a song, I write up a bit about the trickiest or most interesting parts.
All the songs learned so far, as well as accompanying tabs can be found on


So if you're looking to offer your opinion, or (hopefully) your expertise, feel free to contact me, or post up a comment.

How did I get the idea for the demos?
So, I'm there when my accountant Phil calls me:
Phil From Accounting: Um, while you're up there, why don't you do a little promotion? You made some songs, why not burn them on a CD and give them out at your table?
Rhythm Bastard: Wow, Phil, what a great idea!
PFA: Really?
RB: Until I actually thought about it, fuckface. Tables cost money I don't have, and nobody wants to buy a CD with only 3 songs!
PFA: Three songs, you mean you finished-
RB: Boning your wife? Yes. Besides, I'd rather other fun stuff like watch anime, buy some crappy little pins, tell furries to yiff in hell, bone some fat chicks...
PFA: I'm just saying, there are a lot of musical acts there, and it might be something to think about.
RB: Pfft... Like who?
PFA: AeroSith

RB: They were interesting to watch, I'll give them that. But they didn't really perform, the synced up to backing tracks.
PFA: Well, the guy there said-
RB: What guy?
PFA: The guy assisting with the show who wore a Jar Jar Binks costume said that they do record all the instruments live, but at shows they have to play it over a boom-box because of their costumes.
RB: Really? You trust an Episode 1 character?

PFA: *watches link* *70 minutes later* Wow, that was really funny! Thanks for that!
RB: I also boned your ex-wife 3 times.
PFA: No, I'm not letting you get to me! I know you lie about my wife!
RB: Ex-wife...
PFA: WHATEVER! Devo Spice was there as well...
RB: Like MC Lars, only less fresh. He's more... "dope".
PFA: Marc Gunn...
RB: “The Godfather of Celtic Music Online”? That's... specific. The I'm "The Emperor Of Muay Thai/Rock Band in New York Who Is Currently Wearing A Red Shirt and Makes Music"
PFA: You don't know Muay Thai.
RB: Yeah, but I know more than everyone else in New York who also makes rock music and plays Rock Band wearing a red shirt, so there.
PFA: Lastly, Voltaire.
RB: Shit, Stony Brook can revive dead people? I guess they really are a top research university.
PFA: No, he's a musician. He made a song called "Brains!!!" for The Grim Adventures Of Billy and Mandy

"He who makes a beast out of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man"
RB: Oh, sorry, I'm an adult who does adult things. I don't watch cartoons.
PFA: He drew quite the crowd, and seemed to put on a really fun show. For "Goth Music", they had some pretty funky rhythms, like mariachi.

RB: Pfft... Damn manchildren. Why can't they grow up and be responsible like me? I don't watch anime, or collect nerdy stuff, or read, or jack off, or play video games-
PFA: Um, that last one is kinda-
RB: Or fursecute, or dress up in costume, or read comics books, or play Dungeons and Dragons. I think I'm missing some stuff.
PFA: Yet you were at I-Con.
RB: Cognitive Dissonance is a bitch. Oh, and I don't wear really sweet goggles.

PFA: Wait, what? You don't own those. You could, but-
RB: But the lady wanted $20 for it.
PFA: Please kill me.
RB: Nah, I'll let the Carbon Monoxide in my basement take care of that.

So, welcome I-Con Demo CD people! All 5 of you!

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