Saturday, March 20, 2010

Telephone, Or How I Stopped Worrying And Loved The Gaga


So, as usual, I was lurking the Something Awful forums when I stumble on a thread entitled: Lesbian sex with Beyonce, prison rape, mass murder, it's Lady Gaga time.

Well Goddamn it, I said. Her again? I already hear all 5 of her songs when ever I head to the gym, why do Goons give her the time of day?

Lo and behold, it was the video for her new song, Telephone.

Watch it then come back to me

Hol... Eeee... Shiiit...

I feel bad admiting this, but that was kinda awesome.

Couple that with the news that she was so obsessed with Dookie that she licked the damn thing,, coupled with her celebrity play list, and you have to consider my interest piqued.

Then it hit me: the ridiculous outfits, the juxtaposition of simple pop songs to Tarantinoian movies, the sci-fi references? She's not a pop star, she's the world's greatest troll.

This video represents exactly what I'd do if tomorrow someone gave me a shitton of money and said "Here, make a music video about Club Song #40231897". Honestly, who would have expected this?

When you have Goons who switch between ironically and unironically liking Muse and Radiohead every other day who are willing to come out and say "She's awesome" says something. I just enjoy how much fun she's having with all of this. The recent Rock Band tracks even played on this trend. There are two versions of "Poker Face": the original, and the one sung by Eric Cartman in the Whale Whores episode of South Park. Now, if you're a fan of Gaga, good for you, but if you're a typical Rock Band player who wants DRAGONFORCE MUSE ROCK BAND MOAR METUL!!!. you're thinking "Screw that! When is Harmonix going to get us some REAL music?". That is, until you see the South Park version. "Well, maybe I'll just get it for the lulz... I do enjoy South Park!"

Bam, bitch gets some royalties.

And it's not like she's completely talentless either:

So, can you call me a fan? Well, fuck no. I'd need to go on a 6-month radio detox before I can even think about listening to her again. But it just goes to show the evils of Top 40 Radio: it takes otherwise talented people and forces them into the mainstream so that those of us who want to pick and choose are music throw it back up again. In a way, it's like the Scientology of the music industry.

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