Wednesday, March 17, 2010

200th Post Party!

So, OPEN MIC NIGHT LAST NIGHT WOO!!! Good thing it's getting warmer, and even my fellow New Yorkers are beginning to take notice.

"Radio Days Pt. 1"-****
Did a bit better on the solo, but still need to work on those chords.

Looking at the playback, I HATE my voice, but I had a lot of fun. My favorite anecdote of the night is that when I said "ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?", I actually got a "meh".
"That is the most lackluster response to that question I have ever heard."

Meanwhile the guy playing John Mayer gets applause...

OK, more stuff! Uh, 200 posts, wow... Phil, bring me up to speed here...

Phil: Um, so let's see, since the past 100 posts, you've
Learned 29 songs,
Played 4 open mics,
Got a bar gig, and
Produced three songs of your own.
RB: Super!
PFA: You're top three countries are the U.S., the UK, and Austraillia!
RB: I don't want my fans to be convicts or wussies who make me paranoid and fuck up my Heavy kill streaks!
PFA: Make you paranoid?
RB: Jack Thompson was right. Thanks to Team Fortress 2, I'm always on the lookout for snipers.
PFA: That's... not an unreasonable thing...
RB: I also murder Red Sox fans.
RB: What? I'm a Yankee man. AND SPEAKING OF YANKS, I'm making a Rock Band Network Track for Akira The Don! He's like an All-American grain of Sand In The Ocean.
PFA: But Sir, he's Welsh.
RB: I pay you to cheat on my taxes, not to think!

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