Friday, December 5, 2008

Weekend Of Hell: Friday

Hey, you know how I decided to call this three-day clusterfuck a "Weekend Of Hell"? My fretting wrist ain't feeling so hot, and my guitar's high E-string is broken.


There is still work to be done! That I can do! I have Power Tabs! And...uh... lightning...! And...Team Fortress 2! For those of you who mysteriously stumbled upon my site, this is being posted in that weird time at night where I'm just starting to feel creative and ready for hard work, but I'm also feeling a little sleepy.

Last weekend I came with a good riff to work around, sort of AC/DC-ish. I have some ideas, I'll plug them in Power Tabs, see how they come out. Hopefully my hand is feeling better tomorrow and I have a chance to go to a music shoppe. I could plug in the Rock Band drumset for the Drum Fills, and testing it out Hammerhead first.

So I guess tonight it's just working on lyrics. Time to get...uh...inspired...

I'm good to dri- what? BOOM HEADSHOT!

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