Friday, November 14, 2008

About As Believeable As The Second Gunman

The Dead Kennedys are finally in Rock Band. I don't know how this happened! I love them and a ll, but you'd think with a song called "MTV Get Off The Air", a game published by MTV Games would be the LAST place they'd show up. For a while, I was going to do a song lesson video as a "Never 'Gon Happen Pack", featuring "California Uber Alles" by The Dead Kennedys, "Holiday" by Green Day, and "The Ocean" by Led Zepplin. I'll still do it, with the aforementioned "Get Off The Air Song"

The THREE pack consists of:
"Holiday In Cambodia"
"California Uber Alles"
"Police Truck"

MUST BUY for your systems equivalent $5.50 for the pack, $2 a piece.

All I know is: Jello is going to be pissed... He's held a very anti-corporate ethos and I wonder how what his opinion is on the Dead Kennedys being in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, Guitar Hero Rocks The 80s, Guitar Hero 3, and now this. He even accused his former band members of wanting to license "Cambodia" to Levi's for a commercial (which they denied) and condemned the use of the song "Too Drunk To Fuck" in Grindhouse.

I can understand WHY Jello is against licensing, and it's (probably) the same reason Muslims aren't allowed pictures of Muhammed in their homes or using the Quran in music. He wants the focus to be on the message and song, not the product. Otherwise, it becomes "that cool song from that commercial/game". Roger Daltrey said something similar. Nobody takes the time sit down and listen to a CD, album, whathaveyou anymore. Usually we have a song playing on our computer while we surf the 'net, or on our MP3 players on our way to work.

So every once in a while, take a CD, any CD (burn one if it's all on your computer), sit in a comfy chair, and just listen.

"Orange Crush" comin' soon, y'all.

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