Monday, January 1, 2018

Status Quo Sunday Refuses To Drop The Ball

PATREON SONG #3: "Unstable", As Inspired By The Magic The Gathering Set

My last Magic The Gathering song, "Find The Immortal Sun", was meant to be a song that is sung by an entire tavern filled with rowdy pirates.

I got maybe 2 people on that track.

Here? Like 7.

As it's made obvious, this track was very influenced by Devo, since it's got the whole "SCIENCE!" angle. A lot of their choruses have backup vocals, but they don't harmonize, they drone. This decision drives home the point that society is devolving (hence Devo) into mindlessness. While my thought process wasn't that complex, I am glad with the song, especially with everyone pretending to be attacked by squirrels.

It's been a while since I broke out my Triforce VST, which is always fun to do!

Also, I want to give a very big THANK YOU to DJ Roborob for working out the bassline for me. This is a song with a lot going on, and he was able give me something great!


This has been my favorite thing from the new Kobolds and Catacombs Expansion Pack for Hearthstone. It's the solid single player experience that's great to warm up or blow off steam before I hit the ladder. I wasn't too successful here, but the fun part is that it's like FTL: the runs are long enough that you need to think long term, but short enough that you always feel like you can go for another one.


This is something new I'm trying out, where I stream a mystery game every week and work my way through it. Another weekly series other than Rectangular Reckoning, trying to blow off steam and do More Content in between songs.

2064 has been interesting so far. It's got an interesting world, with a unique mystery, and as you see in the video, Turing goes from "roll my eyes at them because I've seen this precociuous kid act before" to, "awww, I really wanna help you!"

Speaking of Read Only Memories...

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Main Theme (Neo-SF Streets Mix)" by 2Mello

In the raw video, you heard me say "this is such a banger" many, many times. It hits that right tone of "this COULD be from a 32-bit era game" and "wait, was it?" 2064 is actually a very relaxing, zen game so far. Nothing too complex or out of the ordinary just yet; an adventure game with a calm color pallete, and a soothing soundtrack.

Except for the part at the end where I got tased.

That sucked.

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