Saturday, April 9, 2016

PODCAST RECAPS FOR 4/9/2016: Back On Time, Maybe?

I'm going to start with an older one:

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I think suffice to say that pretty much everyone on this PPV I know in some respect. The only names on the card I don't recognize are the ones that never went on to be anything, like everyone in the Hardcore Title Clusterfuck.

As far as the wrestling itself goes, I wouldn't say anything's changed. Though I do think they leaned into the more ridiculous characters pretty hard, which in dry times like current wrestling, is a major saving grace, which is why I like the New Day so much. Now they have to compete with MMA/UFC, so things have to appear more grounded.

 Though my favorite thing about all these old PPVs is seeing the evolution of Michael Cole.
Present Day:
Respectable Sportscaster Man

Looks he should making YouTube videos against feminism and trying to sell you on Ayn Rand Objectivisim.

Former child actor who's current occupation is "Drug Mule"


John had a family emergency, so Ben filled in the #4 spot! Arcanon was this week's guest, since this week there was no Echo Chamber. Jeff's everything decided to shit itself all at once.

This week's theme... How much are you willing to murder in the service of a terrible business that is successful for some reason. Our questions are steadily getting more and more labyrinthine. 

The proper lyric would be "I'll be your one punch slugger, get it while you can, your non stop miracle, I'm your one punch man"

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