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PODCAST RECAP FOR 4/2/2014: Holy Crap I Was Busy This Week....

In alphabetical order...

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 -In the interim since this video was recorded:
  • MTSU, Paolo's alma mater, a 15th seed mind you, beat Michigan State, a 2nd seed. I picked Michigan State
  • My Final 4 is down to just one team that only wins the division.
  • All the 5th seeds got usurped.
  • I'm beating JHeff for some reason
-Joney Spencerson is the worst character I ever made and I apologize.

-In Florida, "______ was a meth lab" is a regular occurrence, especially in one of those areas that's neighboring a poor area, which there are a lot

-Squidward his a dab:

-The Cranberries are always on "St. Patrick's Day"/Irish Music lists and inever get that impression from them. Yes, they are from Ireland, but they don't make their music as "Irish" sounding as Dropkick Murphy's or The Pogues. Then again, maybe the fact that they're FROM Ireland as opposed to sounding like the do makes them more authentic, since the latter two bands come from Boston and New York.

However, I'm from American, so I prefer confirming my preconceived notions vs. the actual truth.

Also, Seth MacFarlane has made fun of 90's singing on several occasions from the movie Ted and the opening bit of the Family Guy Star Wars movie. I get it, it sounds weird, but consider this: everything about the 90's and its music was a big fuck you to the 80's, which Seth MacFarlane has a major boner for.
80's singing was at the top of your lungs with your crotch thrust forward, 90's singing was hunched over your guitar signing from the bowels.

-Powerman 5000 "Let The Good Times Roll":

SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG, people. A power metal song in an early 2000's game is nothing out of the blue (the color of Sonic), but the saddest thing is that there's an Sonic Wiki page on the song.
Some highlights, all of them attempting to explain music.

  • The song is very dark, having the genre of Metal, and has a few screaming moments.
  • Are you friend or fiend? - Shadow the Hedgehog wondering who to trust.
  • Almost dead to the world - Shadow being despised by everyone who knows him.
  • But when we rise, you'll know - The Black Arms attempting to "purify" the humans by killing them.
-Here's the link to the link to how to book The Muppets.

-So this didn't make it to the main podcast, but afterwards we talked about our school's mascots since apparently mine (Stony Brook's "Wolfie The Seawolf") has giant biceps and is fuckable (Jeff's words, not mine):

Mystakin's Mascot, Penn State's Nittany Lion, wins the you trued i guess award:

-Jeff's school mascot, the Cincinatti Bearcats, wins the award for Not At All Accurate and Most Likely to End Up In Jail:

-Arcanon's School mascot wins the award of Most Likely to Have Been Someone's Ponysona:

-It's always interesting in post-apocalyptic settings how EVERYTHING shuts down. Like, you'd figure the guys who run the water/electricity would have security defend the compound or lock the doors. Knowing cops these days, they'd RELISH any opportunity to shoot anyone who would look mildly diseased. I'm just saying, we always see things progress way too quickly.

-Jigglypuff wrecking everyone's shit in the Pokemon anime:

-I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream the game was basically Harlan Ellison trying to make the prequel and the sequel toI Have No Mouth and I Must Scream the short story at the same time. It was to provide a winnable scenario because video games, and give a reason why AM chose those five people to live with him: because they'd be the most fun to torture. How successful was he? Well...
For the character's backgrounds in the short story this is what we're given:

Benny had been a brilliant theorist, a college professor; now he was little more than a semi-human, semi-simian. He had been handsome, the machine had ruined that. He had been lucid, the machine had driven him mad. He had been gay, and the machine had given him an organ fit for a horse. AM had done a job on Benny.

Gorrister had been a worrier. He was a connie, a conscientious objector; he was a peace marcher; he was a planner, a doer, a looker-ahead. AM had turned him into a shoulder-shrugger, had made him a little dead in his concern. AM had robbed him.

Nimdok went off in the darkness by himself for long times. I don't know what it was he did out there, AM never let us know. But whatever it was, Nimdok always came back white, drained of blood, shaken, shaking. AM had hit him hard in a special way, even if we didn't know quite how.

And Ellen. That douche bag! AM had left her alone, had made her more of a slut than she had ever been. All her talk of sweetness and light, all her memories of true love, all the lies she wanted us to believe: that she had been a virgin only twice removed before AM grabbed her and brought her down here with us. No, AM had given her pleasure, even if she said it wasn't nice to do.
In the game, Benny was a soldier who had betrayed his troops and was kinda racist. It could be implied from some of the dialogue referring to a secret the soldiers found out about could be his homosexuality, but it's left very vague and there would have to be A LOT of finagling to get these two to gel. A man with so many secrets with the constant threat of being brought out to the light, AND reliving your failures over and over again? That's pressure.

Gorrister in the game was a trucker who's wife had gone mad, and he blames himself for it, even though his mother-in-law was the one responsible for it. In no way does it allude to any kind of passion, unless he was protesting/canvassing inbetween trucker drop offs. Still, while he is a shoulder shrugger, and suicidal

Ted in the game was more of a liar and a fraud than "normal guy who gets tortured" in the short story. I guess his scenario is focused on him doing the right thing and not lying? It's not too far off since Ted was the one to sacrifice himself for the sake of the others. Ted is still scared of having his facade shatter, and AM does lean into that,

Ellen.... hooo... Um, Yeah, I guess a woman who had a horrible life and then was raped in an elevator and traumnatized by it would be a dick move by a dick AI. It's defintely one of those situations where it would be less problematic if she wasn't the only woman.

Nimdok's background was never mentioned in the short story, and I doubt someone as megalomaniacal as AM would mind that he was a Nazi scientist. This was more to justify to the player why AM tortures Nimdok rather than why AM would have fun with him, His chapter give a lot of BG on some of the more impossible stuff in the story, but it didn't really need any. HE'S A BIG EVIL COMPUTER is reason enough.
Still, looking at all of these, Mystakin's right, these are kind of dumb. The problem is that we bring a lot of our own stuff in with us, so we the player is hoping to see these people deserving of their punishment and redeem at the same time, because that's what always happens in media.

Though my "AMs a Dick Who Likes To See People Suffer" still holds the top spot for most likely.

-Retsupurae IHNAIMS LP:

-Morphogenic Field was a concept developed by Rupert Sheldrake and is the idea, as explained in 999, that shapes and behavioral patterns of living organisms are transmitted to each other through a field invisible to the human eye. This is usually done in times of great duress, and the plot of 999 is to generate morphogenic fields by putting children in danger so they can transmit "answers" to their siblings in a remote location. That way, the main villain can cure his prosopagnosia, his inability to see faces.

What Nimdok is referring to is morphogenetic fields, which is the ability for cells to communicate with each other, as the genetic programming of cells can be flexible. Cells in a particular field will conform their programming to be tissue of that field. It's a slow process and it's not "at will", but it's interesting.

-Burnout Paradise Errant Signal

-Bondage Sandshrew, another way in which the anime is FUCKING WEIRD:
It was a harness to aid in that Sandshrew's training, like isometrics or dynamic tension,., You know, one of those things Dr. Frank N. Furter talked about in that song from Rocky Horror Picture Show.
-Bad News:
North Carolina is basically this-

Good News:
Georgia smelled all that sweet, sweet money they'd lose out on and stopped being pricks in the interim since this podcast was recorded.
-Peter Panic has music by Grant Kirkhope which has me sold.
Here's a list of all the demons in Peter Panic:
Other than some exciting shenanigans, nothing to really get invested over. Mostly Wrestlemania was "How are they going to puull THIS bullshit off?"

This week was my week to contribute! The ongoing theme through these is things we're afraid of centered around a theme that will bring us to the point of discovery.

What am I most scared of? Being awkward...

Like, if AM were to put me through a psychodrama, it would be a party where I don't know anybody, the alcohol tastes like shit and every time I try to leave, someone goes "Where you going., bro?" Part of the inspiration for this question came when I was going into the gym for a week trial then came out with a yearly membership.
This other theme is BUGS!
Also Super Powers.

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