Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Status Quo Sunday Thinks Out Loud

This week's jam:

I've been having Mega64's Twitch Stream on in the BG while I work and I caught this on the stream one day. There's a lot of older stuff they show sometimes that either I forgot about or never made it to the website proper.

For example, Rocco being super awkward at last year's E3.

This song was in the original Rock Band with a special mix where the lead synth was also matched with some kickin' rad guitars, and while that version's good (and clearly better), I loves me some Mega64. For the record this is the video they were referencing.

THE HERO (One Puunch Man Theme) Cover

Originally I wanted to do a cover so I had a sample project to work on when I was learning how to do mixing/mastering, but then I loved the song so much I decided to make a proper version. Still need to finish the rest of the episodes, but for all intents and purposes, GO WATCH ONE PUNCH MAN!

There might be another thing coming this week, but HHC practice comes first. I will be streaming that at least once this week.

This weekend! I don't know if I'll have a table, but I will put on one hell of a show. Still want to check out some of the other cons though.

I'm also on the verge of confirming a show elsewhere and working on new material, so plenty more to come!

Not quite.... It's from over a ,onth ago, but I got mention on The Cli3nt's show GeekOut! for my release of "Think Geek Is Not Nerdcore"!

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