Monday, March 7, 2016

Status Quo At The Expo

This week's jam:

My favorite non-Megalovania song. The game's Pacifist Run was a very emotional experience and this song provided the right mix of desparation and uplifting to fill me with... DETERMINATION.

Fuckin' Omni Expo was this weekend! which is why I didn't post up any recap shit on Saturday. Let me run through the whipdash of that day.

Left home at around 10-ish and got to the convention center at around 1. The shitty thing is that ConJure, another convention was taking place not too far away, so I think Omni Expo mioght have been a little more full, but it had good attendance.

Most of the afternoon was spent bumming around, taking pictures and the like. I bought some Magic cards to throw into the audience since I left my Fat Pack at home, and in one of my packs, I pull out this guy:

For those of you rolling your eyes and thinking "Oh fuck, he's talking about Magic again, nobody cares", guess what? As of March 6th, 2016, it costs:

That's not a typo, I pulled almost $100 out of a pack of Origins. 

After that, I went to play a quick game of Remain Calm, an Zombie-themed RPG that involves surviving in the Zombie Apocalypse.  It's based on the D20 system used by Dungeons and Dragons, so if you're familiar with that, then you should be fine. 

One interesting thing about it is that it also uses your smart phone to log into a website where you get your character sheets and can set up your equipment. The pros of this system is that you can modify the game almost immediately and gives plenty of opportunity for expansion. The con is that the site isn't the best optimized for mobile phones. 

The scenario we played out was very straight forward: we're a group of survivors looking to get to the other side of a road. Fresh off the RP-heavy FATE Campaign I was involved in with [insert quest here], it was a nice break to see something with numbers. 

Two mechanics that help set it apart and make a lot of sense in the setting are infection and noise. If there is any contact with a zombie, you need to roll probability for how likely it is that you are infected with the zombie virus, an event that can take it's toll in a campaign. Noise came in to play a lot more frequently: As we performed actions and as the GM took his turn, there was a possibility that zombies can moan and attract more zombies, screwing us over more. At one point we summoned 83 zombies in a single turn.

Our team barely made it across, but it was a fun time.

However, it wasn't very streamlined, so a bunch of crazy combinations were able to take place, like a slingshot that threw lawn darts covered in spikes. There were a lot of options that weren't practical for a beta release, or wouldn't come into play during a con game. Also a lot of the pieces we were using we laminated stand ins. So a lot of stuff is still in beta.

With more time and money, the game can get a worthwhile package to sell to the masses. In the mean time, you can find out more from their website.

After that, I went to my show and drew a pretty decent crowd. I played some new stuff, some old stuff, and added older songs back into the fold. 

I also did the Stone Cold beer smash before I did "Hell Yeah" which is what I always wanted to do!

Aside from the technical issue of not having a PA System, I think it went over well.

Still thinking I might need a liason or someone in the back to collect e-mails for the mailing list and sell merch.

Just an idea I had. 

After that, while I didn't manage to have my post show booze, I did run into Frosted Gaming who hosted an impromptu panel in the middle of the hall. So in response, I threw a mini-concert playing a couple of my MtG songs, and they went over big! I should host more guerilla concerts in the future....

Setting up for Hero Hype Con, maybe working on a couple cover songs, some to release, some for "back pocket" reasons, I dunno. Also some arts and crafts for the future stuff.

Finally, getting everything ready for PAX East. That's going to be fun.

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