Monday, November 16, 2015

Victory Over The Status Quo On Sunday

This weeks jam is... oh... oh... oh........
Wow... Friday the 13th was a son of a bitch... When you have to #PrayFor six different countries, you wonder who fell asleep at the wheel.

-Been out the past week or so because Comcast is Comcast and comcast is awful. I was ready to have CDs on sale, but I wasn't able to submit designs.

-Chibi Pa was the BIGGEST thing going on this weekend. My set took place in what was dubbed "The Society Lounge" which was a little nightclub style place with lots of different kinds of seating with a bar in the back. Wasn't a bad place to play, and the sound was on point. Still need to get used to actually singing more better.

Set went good, premiered a new song, that went good, and I got to drink a lot!

-Seeing all the familiar faces again! From people I've featured in Recap Videos, to So Flo Con Bros, to people who've seen my shows before to SS Hanami who hosted a Koto and Wine Party and played on the days I wasn't there.


-Werewolf looks to be the thinking man's version of Cards Against Humanity in that it's the hip new card game to play, and there's actually something a thinking man can work with.

For those of you further behind, Werewolf is a game for a around 8+ people, where villagers try to find a werewolf among them, and the wolf has to kill everyone else. There are other roles like the Bodyguard who can save a player if a werewolf targets them, or the seer who can point out werewolves.

It's great, because who doesn't love a good mystery? If you have a good GM, it's a lot of fun.

However, what would seem like an interesting logic puzzle devolves into people throwing around random accusations for various reasons, since there's nothing for people to go on in the early stages. For example, I was singled out because of my chest hair.

There is a One Night version, where there's a lot of switching roles and everything, and that works because there's only one night, so the goal is the main focus, and there's less fucking around.

-Also on the events was a "Hentai Variety Show". Now, part of me was expecting the worst, because the only other "Hentai" panel I was at was a "Dub That Hentai", which was jackasses yelling over porn.

This was the opposite because it was good, and funny, and entertaining in which everyone had a fun time. Basically, it was a crowdsourced burlesque show, with a striptease/cosplay contest, where both genders went after the top prize with gusto. Though I think the winner for the men might have been a professional. Or at least practiced.

... Later than usual.... I do have Ultracon this weekend and a bunch of other stuff on my plate, so hopefully I can get some free time.

-Oh, and I went 4-0 at FNM. NBD

-New song is coming.... SOON. I got some feedback on the mix and playing with the EQ a bit, lots of little things I might not have known otherwise. I'm having cover art done by ciphir on Tumblr, who's in the bizness of mking some really funny MtG related stuff.

So, when both those elements come together, I'll make a post about it, and you'll have some sweet new tunes to listen to. Until then, I'm going to be at Ultracon!

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