Sunday, November 1, 2015

Status Quo Sunday Provides Content For Youtube

This week's jam:

NateWantsToBattle is propably the only way we'll get Old Fall Out Boy for a while. He also has a metal cover of Excalibur's song from Soul Eater that's awesome as fuck.

While he is the most prolific "maker of songs about Five Night's At Freddy's", he wasn't the first. This Halloween I posted up a video of me doing an acoustic version of the song I was commissioned to write for the "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza" chain back in the 70's.

I also helped build and design the robots, which is why they act so evil. Because fuck the night watchman, and fuck the owner, who stiffed me on the commission royalties. Before the second FNAF game was released, I contacted Scott about using the original songs. Unfortunately, the tapes are god knows where, so it's impossible to get a digital version.

I'm not in that deep with the FNAF series, having only played some of the first two games, the rest of my knowledge coming from Markiplier's Let's Plays. Still, I like how it's become a thing. The designer was working at a Dollar General, doing games in his spare time until FNAF drops and everyone wants to play it, or at least watch others play it.

What's fascinating is that the adage "Thank God For Jim Sterling" comes into play. He reviewed of one of Scott Cawthon's earlier games, "Chipper & Sons Lumber Co.", where he commented on how creepy the game looked.

Cawthon's response? He got a bunch of neckbeards and a hack Brittish tabloid rag writer to threaten Jim with rape.

Nah, he was like "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED MOTHERFUCKER!" and make a game about creepy animatronics.

Also this week, I did my TOTALLY ON TIME Chibi-Pa Sampler recap video:

I don't rmember a whole lot, but it was a fun one day outing, and a reminder that equipment maintenance is key to providing the best performance you can on all occasions.

Status Quo Radio is now on YouTube:

Which means I did EVERYTHING from the list from last week, except the Insert Quest Here thing, but that's on that guy.

Next week? A new song? Yeah, sure.

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