Monday, February 23, 2015

Status Quo Fast Lane


This week's Jam:

Courtesy of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD and Dead Island 2! I have to move SOMETHING whenever this comes on, and it flows so well that even during the breakdowns, the song never loses it's energy and luster.

I did a lot of reworking of the song "Bad Doctors", I'm waiting on Arcanon to work out a new/better drum beat for that and started work on the lyrics/backbone for Class 9, the penultimate song. I'll send that to Arcanon from the Echo Chamber, who's been helping me with the drums.


New reward idea for the Kickstarter! Since it is a Team Fortress 2 concept album, I figured I'd make an item for TF2/other games where it plays a riff from one of the songs upon taunting. Could make for a viral advertisement too!

This week I'm going to learn Blender, and get in touch with people about being a part of Rewards and such.

Also on the list are T-Shirt designs, and getting the rest of the album set up.

OK, on to irrelevant bullshit.


So today, I went to a Grand Prix Trial for Grand Prix Miami, which is the same weekend as PAX East. Unfortunately, I won't be able to go that, but I wanted to play anyway to get some practice for Standard. I gave my friend Jacob a ride, and I was hoping to at least stay in it as long as he was.

Match 1- I played against my white whale of the store, the guy I lose to all the time, who was running a similar deck to mine, which is G/R Devotion, only he's running Shaman Of The Great Hunt for his draw engine. Made a misplay, and lost the match.

Match 2- Jeskai Burn. My deck wasn't fast enough and lost in 2 games.

Match 3- At this point, I was hoping to at least win something. Top 8 was a distant dream, as I'd have to win the next 3 matches to even have a chance. This was another G/R Devotion deck, but due to him changing stuff around, he wasn't able to get it off, and I was able to win pretty handily.

Match 4- All right, still upset, but I'm one step of the way there. Another mono Green Deck, like the one I faced in Round 1. Learned from my mistakes, and learned what to do against Shaman Of The Great Hunt. Mainly have shit on the board to block it.

Match 5- OK, this was the big one. TEMUR. Lots of stuff getting cancelled, lots of stuff getting burned, and SAVAGE KNUCKLE BLADE. I still don't know how I won, but I think it had to with all my beef costing 4 mana (Polukranos, Eidolon of Blossoms, Whisperwood Elemental), and Ugin coming in handy for stuff like that. Frost Walker, a 4/1 for 2 gave me some problems early on in the game, but as long as he was reacting to me,

OK, so I know Jacob was going in, but it's been a while, so I'll go get some-


Quarterfinal- Mono-Red Aggro, against a guy who originally played UB Control. The trick to playing the kinds of aggro decks is to keep hands where you can still play stuff every turn, that way, they're reacting to you for the first little bit. After a certain point, I was able to stabilize, and keep his little guys at bay. Won it 2-1.

Semifinal- Fuck, gotta scoop to Jacob. IF YOU FUCK THIS UP JAKE-

Final- He won, and now has two free wins at GP Miami.

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