Saturday, October 11, 2014

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 98


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Chie Satonaka render

-I don't think Android phones have a Siri/Cortana equivalent. I'm sure with the open platform, something out there exists for it. Not really getting it though, since everything I'd use Siri/Cortant for I could look up myself, or set up on the alarm. Then again, it could be one of those things where I get it and say "HOW CAN I LIVE WITHOUT THIS?"

-The problem of having swole legs, meaning your phone is haunted. 

"Stoopid Fone!" commercial parody from julianne eggold on Vimeo.

-Florida tends to have as many dangerous animals as Australia, and the thing is we BOTH have horrible, horrible leaders

-Giant Bomb Ramen Eating Contest:

-The MASTERPOST of Memes Are People Too
I think she wins most improved though:
Because they actually still exist outside of the interwebz.

-The Seinfeld Frogger Scene:

-Final Fantasy XV

-I've sung the praises of the Rock Band Network several times throughout the course of this blog. I could go into detail about how bold of a move it was, and how many new bands I've discovered through the course of working for them.

I could talk about how I met some really awesome people, and how PAX East 2013 was easily one of the best weekends ever. (Start at 20:00)

I could talk about how it's brought me closer to some artists I really admire, and MC Lars gave me a shout out at Orlando Nerd Fest.

I could talk about how it's made me a better musician, in that it trained my ear and taught me how instruments work together.

But I think I'm just going to say goodbye.

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