Thursday, July 24, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Sorrys

WOW this is late u guys. A lot of stuff went down this week, but I figured better late than never...

-Battleground was so underwhelming I forgot it existed. BUT HOLY SHIT last night's Monday's RAW! Zach Ryder won a match! Xavier Woods got screen time! Cesaro in the main event!

-Anime Festival Orlando- Sunday in Citron at 3:30!
Gonna try to do some pre-show busking.

-New song this week, giving out downloads to everyone on the mailing list, and will post it up on SoundCloud tomorrow after polishing it up tonight. BUT, all of you sexy people can catch an early version on my Tumblr Page RIGHT THE HELL NOW!!!

-Status Quo Radio is to the point where I can look for cover artists, and start getting in touch with people to help out with other stuff. Still a little bit left to go before I commit to making any other arrangements, but I have enough to where I can go to the artist and give an idea on what the album is about. If you know anybody who might be interested, let me know at

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