Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Says "Hell Yeah!"

Good news of this week:

As of January 23rd, 2014, "Dino Hunter MD: The Sound Track" is officially one year old!

Of course, I want to thank the usual suspects: Jesse Schopher for doing everything except writing the songs, Matt Willemain for additional instrumentation, and Justin Meltzer and David K. Ginn for starting the series.

So, even though I've explained a lot about everything, I figured I'd give out one fun fact about each song.

COLLEGE PARTY- There's three people named in the song: Todd, who isn't important, and Hall and Oates, two characters who showed up in the first episode "Ptero-dac to School". I think their names are only mentioned once throughout the entire series.

PASS THE CLASS- Even though I came up with this line just to rhyme with something really stupid, I reused it in "Cliffhanger", because the line "Spirit on a ledge" is too weird to just leave there.

ROBOTMAN'S LAMENT- The line "I am but 7 hours old/and I have killed a man" is in reference to Rocky Horror Picture Show song "Rose Tint My World" ("I'm only 7 hours old/and such a beauty to behold")

HEROES DIE- The line "Maybe it's a place/like heaven or Japan" is a reference to James Laudano, former editor in chief of The Stony Brook Press (where we all met), who was leaving the country to teach in Japan. He played the character, Dr. Eric Van Tanner, who died in that episode.

PLAYIN' INVISIBALL- I came up with the basic song 5 minutes after I read the e-mail asking me to make the music, and wrote the lyrics on the way home from work later that day.

CLIFFHANGER-For the setup to this song, I recieved an e-mail that read
-The movie Cliffhanger
-The CROSSFIRE!!! jingle.

HELL YEAH- The song includes references to all the previous tracks:
("To the college party where we'll dance...")
("Partied hard and I passed the class/Heroes died but we kicked some ass...")
("Playin' invisiball was a blast/Robots lamented of their past...")
("Why is it on this cliff I'm hangin'...")

SPACE TAMBOURINE- This song was recorded entirely on the fly over 6 minutes.


Bad news of this week:


I have a cold, and my Rocksmith cable is broken.

The last 30 seconds of the WWE Royal Rumble. I MIGHT skip Guardians of the Galaxy for this. MIGHT.


Once I'm feeling better, I'll probably have a listening party/stream, where I play some video games and crank the tunes for an hour or so, and we all chill.

Or maybe look into a DHMD stream, similar to how they do the Two Best Friends Play stream. I dunno.

Also on the plate for this week, cutting a promo for a podcast, and more music work (hopefully). After all, this coming weekend is the Born Of The Gods prerelease, and the family is headed to Universal Studios.

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