Monday, January 20, 2014

Status Quo Radio Act 1 Complete

Or at the very least compiled.

For the past few weeks, it's always been the Week Of _____
The first week of the year was The Week of Sands Of Anime
Which then began The Week of Getting Ready for SCG Orlando
Then this past week was The Week of Finishing Writing for TF2 Promptfest
Now, I don't really know what's coming up for this next week, (most likely a Magic PTQ that will get waylaid by doing stuff with friends), but for now, and from now on, it's about working more on "Status Quo Radio".

Between how busy I've been, I haven't touched upon the music that much, but for time being, it's full steam ahead on the album.

ESPECIALLY considering that for the first time ever, I've compiled Act 1, which stands to be about 15 minutes long. It was amazing to have it come together, but it's not without errors. At least now I have a checkpoint.

Since I didn't cover it in last week's State Of The Bastard 2014, I'd like to cover my favorite album of 2013: Janelle Monae's The Electric Lady.

There were plenty of contenders: David Bowie, The Studio Killers and Daft Punk and make badass driving music and are put together beautifully, but they didn't resonate with me the say way Lady did.

Ever listen to something or some one and say "YES! That's exactly what I want to do!" That's how I feel with The Electric Lady; it's schizophrenic, it's strong, and it's all made by a woman who has nothing but absolute conviction in what she's doing. The first half is front loaded with this awesome, catchy music, and the second half is equivalent to Bowie's Low where it's like "Yeah, there's no hook/chorus but you're going to love it anyway"

The skits are OK and do a teensy bit of worldbuilding, but they don't really go anywhere.

All in all, 2014's going to be a hell of a year, just you wait.

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