Sunday, September 15, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Gets Ready To Ride The Lightning

As always, after a con, the next week is sending out e-mails and putting together videos and whatnot.


Again, big ups to Nat of S.S. Hanami for recording it all.

What did I accomplish this week?
-Getting a mailing list started up again. Just submit your e-mail at the sidebar!
Once I get a few more subscribers, I'll start giving away stuff.
-Writing some songs! It's a lot faster and a lot heavier than what I've been working on before.
Since I don't have any conventions for at least another couple weeks, I can put some time in. One is for the album, the other because fuck you I'm in artist I can do what I want.
-Watching WWE Night Of Champions. Rob Van Dam just won via DQ, but still lost the belt to Alberto Del Rio. For a guy in his 40s, RVD is surprisingly spry.
-Watching 2 Best Friends Play... Right now, I'm typing this to the sounds of them playing Eternal Darkness.
-Contacting more conventions, so I can squeeze one more in by the end of the year, otherwise, my next one is Sands of Anime in Cocoa Beach. There's a couple south of me in the next couple months.

What do I hope to get done this week?
-Land one of said conventions.
-See how all of tonight's events unfold on WWERaw tomorrow night.
-Theros PreRelease
-Finish one of said songs.
-Hit up PalmCon and Network.

That's this week's Status Quo! Now AMSCRAY. Daniel Bryan's facing Orton for the WWE Champeenship.

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