Monday, April 29, 2013

That Ain't Livin'

So, recently I quit my job selling insurance, after not being paid for over a month, and spending 60 hours a week in the office, the thing felt like a waste of my time. Monday, I was in at 7:30 AM, and couldn't leave until I booked 20 appointments for the next 2 days, which could be as late as 8-9 PM because nobody got home until late. Then, once I was out in the field, I would have to drive miles away between appointments, that 60% of the time wouldn't show up.

ON TOP OF THAT, if a client didn't pay their premium, guess what? I WOULDN'T GET PAID FOR IT. No, it's cool I don't have bills to pay or any of that shit.

It's not worth giving up nights and weekends so that I might MAYBE make $1000 a week. It was probably the first big decision of my life that I don't regret, and for a job that promises how much money I'm going to get, and that'll enable me to retire in 10 years, it seems like a waste of my youth. For all the money I would be making vs. how much agony the job brings me, for the hope that I'll be rid of it all in 10 years: That ain't living.

But here's the thing: I'm 25. That isn't young anymore. Within a year, I won't be on my parent's insurance any more, and I'll have to fend for that myself.

Rhythm Bastard stuff is what I love doing, but all the money I've made on it is purely from Rock Band Network sales, and I've sold maybe ONE copy of Dino Hunter MD: The Sound Track on Amazon.

I'm not giving it up, I'm just venting some frustration right now. Today I'm going to collect my paycheck, and I hope I get an opportunity to make my manager feel like a piece of shit. I'm learning Java, getting A+ certified and making music, so I'm still going forward.

Just a reminder, "Dino Hunter MD: The Sound Track" is pay what you want on BandCamp.

New song coming tomorrow, Rhythm Bastard out.

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