Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Echo Chamber Episode 35 Post Game


-Dear Jeff, I hope you enjoyed your Bad Religion concert. Sincerely, Bastard

-Hulk Hogan guested on our podcast! He was talking about Andre The Giant for some reason, but it was good to have you on Hulkster!

-"American Pie" is a megasad song, but for some reason, my brain keeps going to "The Saga Begins" by Weird Al Yankovic

-Ninja Warrior will still be a thing in the U.S. That's... something.
I wonder how the original Ninja Warrior series (Sasuke) is broadcasted in Japan. I know the version that aired on G4 only put up select competitors and didn't show everybody, but I anticipate the American Version will have commercials out the ass and a break after every competitor filled with sap stories on select ones, stretching this shit out to the point of damn near unwatchable.

-With my job situation changing, I might work on the Echo Chamber video game. I drew up some sprites, and if I find the original sheet, I might be able to HD-ify them.

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