Thursday, November 29, 2012

Guess Who Didn't Have A Podcast This Week?

Echo Chamber! Nothing to download!

-In RBN News, "Lars Attacks" by MC Lars is now available for the Rock Band Network!

-In Potentially Depressing Rhythm Bastard News, I'm going to be relocating to Florida with the family sometime by the end of the year. It sucks, but I won't let it put a damper on my music. I'll be back within a year.

-So, can we talk about The Walking Dead game? Please? After finishing up Episode 5 a couple days ago, and talking with Ozone really sealed the deal on how awesome this is and how video games can really be used to tell a story in their own way, utilizing things such as tension and catharsis to provide an emotional experience that has now raised the standard.

As a game, it's bare-bones as it gets with simple puzzles, but all this does is hide the seams that "THIS IS A VIDEOGAME". I don't even want to replay the game now, because then it would feel too much like I'm trying to get the "best" result as opposed to "Oh man, what do I do?" There will be a spoilery version of my thoughts, but for the purposes of a "HEY GUYS HERES WHAT I'VE BEEN UP TO" post, this'll do.

The beauty of the game is that EVERY DECISION YOU MAKE IS THE WRONG ONE. No matter who you save, the game has a habit of making you feel guilty for it, and you know what? You'll feel bad. Everyone has their charms, everyone has their flaws, and as is with the comic, everyone can die. Just like real life, you'll be wondering "What If?" the whole time.

It's been a blast to see how other people and came to their decisions, and not once has there been a choice that has had a decision swing 100% one way.

-So to pick me up, here's a thrash version of "Pac-Man Fever"

-Then I read the Walking Dead TPB 17 and am now depressed as fuck.

-Todd In The Shadows covers Chumbawumba:

And teases that he's going to review Pac-Man Fever.

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