Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Green Day's DOS! Streaming On Rolling Stone


"See You Tonight"- Nice little acoustic ditty, reminds me of something by Simon and/or Garfunkel. It's only a minute, so it doesn't outstay it's welcome.

"Fuck Time"- This was the song in the preview for "Dos!". Not a fan of the chorus, though. At least the solo's solid, and it is a nice departure from the usual Green Day fare.

"Stop When The Red Lights Flash"- That hook is really what drives the song, and comes in at just the right time. The solo's OK, a lot of bends.

"Ashley"- They're using the phrase "screaming bloody murder" a lot in these two albums. It's like the phrase "When the lights go out" in Danger Days: The Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys by My Chemical Romance. Of all the songs, so far this is the closest to something of Dookie.

"Lazy Bones"- "The silence is so deafening it's like picking at a sore"? Really? The intro is really close to that of "Give Me Novocaine", but at least they do something interesting with the progression.

"Wild  One"- Eh, is all I can really say. Some good lyrics, but like "Oh Love!" from Uno! it plods on for way longer that it should.

"Makeout Party"- A song written by men who are all married and have children. As a song it fucking rules, but this fact kept going in the back of mind. Tre's drumming is really good in this at least, and the second solo acts as a nice cliff before the quiet bridge.

"Stray Heart"- I'M WORTH A MILLION IN PRI- I mean, it's a great beat and all, but wait- This sounds so much like Jet it's not even funny. Green Day's Power-Pop-Punk now I guess.

"Baby Eyes"- All right, now we're back to the punk! And it's about shooting babies!

"Lady Cobra"- Harkens back to the Foxboro Hot Tubs days, which I liked a lot.

"Nightlife"- Wow. They're really trying to get into the Top 40 with this shit. This must be the first time Green Day had a guest vocalist.

"Wow! That's Loud"- Like Lady Cobra, I'm getting the FBHT vibe from this

"Amy"- Pass.

So overall, it sounds a lot better than Uno!, which I put toward the bottom of the Green Day canon, but this  I'd say resides in the top half.

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