Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1st, 2011 Videos Of The Week

So, I'd figure I'd start one of these things, going over one live video.and one music video a week.

LIVE VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Akira The Don and MC Lars at Slam Dunk Festival, "Living In The Future"

The sound's a bit off, but I finally found a video from this tour. Apparently this is "Living In The Future 2.5".

BONUS! Here's a video from the same tour that actually has decent sound:
MC Lars and Weerd Science "Signing Emo"

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Goldfish, "We Come Together"

This is a band I'm starting to get into. Goldfish is a dance/electronic group from South Africa. This is their latest single, "We Come Together". Everything here is timed perfectly, and the retro-look suits the song well. The "different levels" concept is reinforced by the color pallete for each level, from warm yellows and browns of the opening scenes, to the purples of the nightclub, to the dark browns of the final level. Looking at their YouTube page, this is only the most recent of a line of clever music videos and catchy tunes.

Have any suggestions for next week? Hit me up in the comments!

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