Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Me Liveblogging Octavarium

Just got back from an Open Mic at a place that doesn't suck, will write about later.

All right, so Monday was some Guitar Hero tournament on campus, and I won 2nd place. My prize was an autographed copy of any Dream Theater album I wanted. I don't listen to Dream Theater, but hey, free music. Since I'm a little buzzed from said Open Mic place, I figured I'd review it as I listened to it, since I got homework to do as well.

OK, ripping it, holy shit these are some long ass songs. 24:00? Shit.

Track 1- DUNNNNNNN. OK, now it's got some cool synth thing going on. OK, now it went from movie sountrack, to this pretty groovy song. Then it's over and I'm in the forest.

Track 2- It's weird for a band that did "Panic Attack" do this little Piano diddy. Then again, Green Day did it too... Sounds a bit like Queen.


Fuck it, I'm too drunk for this shit...

Leave a comment in this webzone if you want some Pizza rools...

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