Saturday, December 5, 2009

Green Day DLC Predicitions

Yep, more Green Day coming to Rock Band.

However, instead of publishing 3 songs from each album going backwards, like I thought, it's more from 21st Century Breakdown. Not that that's a bad thing, but fans clamoring for earlier work are sure to be disappointed. In fact, according to the comments in that article, EVERYONE IS DISAPPOINTED WITH EVERYTHING EVER.

So, here are my predicitons:
Viva La Gloria!- The opening vocals should provide a good challenge. Chances are, they're going to chart the piano parts at the beginning, and I estimate it'll be Tier 3 for Guitar. Drums are fast as always, and it gets especially complicated by the end, with those triplets.

Christian's Inferno- Starts of with a very buzzy bass (or maybe it's guitar). Either way, it's very lively. Drums are pretty fast, and vocals, espcially the "WHOOOOOOAAA! Christian's inferno!" will trip you up.

Last Of The American Girls- The words won't make any sense, so don't think to hard about the vocals. They'll be easy. So, maybe then you'll have time to think about it... Whatever. This'll be the easiest of the three songs.

Definitely a more lively and more traditional "punk rock" than the first batch.

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