Wednesday, December 30, 2009

REVIEW: They Came From The Shadows

I followed For Tax Reasons ever since the short "I'M IN UR MANGER, KILLING UR SAVIOR" debut a couple Christmases ago. They haven't put out anything recent, so I've been following their animator, Ben's blog at Kill The Captains.

Recently he's been animating a music video for Teenage Bottlerocket. On a whim, I picked up the CD, after liking the two preview tracks. What did I think?

"Skate Or Die" had nothing to do with the old NES/Arcade game, but was still a straight-forward call to rebellion, and I liked it. "Don't Want To Go" was fast paced, and kept in line with the skate-punk feel of the first two. "Bigger Than Kiss", the song Ben's animating, was pretty intense. The rest of the songs bleed together. I know most punk is supposed to be straightforward, but it doesn't stand to be listened to all in one go. I guess I was kinda spoiled on "21st Century Breakdown".

It's good, it's competent, it's fast, but if you pick it up, I'd recommend burning it onto your computer and putting on shuffle.

1. I'll have Enter Sandman done by the new year.
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