Thursday, May 28, 2009

REVIEW: 21st Century Breakdown

Still working on that foreshadowed update, but just so I have SOMETHING, I'll give my opinion on Green Day's latest album, 21st Century Breakdown.

Like American Idiot before it, 21st is a concept album, with some kind of story. I really couldn't tell. The names Christian and Gloria show up repeatedly, but the story's very loose and separating it into 3 acts only adds to the confusion.


It's supposed to be about the post-Bush days, and given that Armstrong's not rallying against him this album threw his focus off, but there's some really weird shit in there. I'll leave it to Something Awful for some examples.

Having said that, it still kicks ass.

When you first pop it in, and hear stuff like "Song Of The Century" and "21st Century Breakdown", it seems like they've gone to the poppy side. However, when thumpers like "Know Your Enemy" and "Christian's Inferno" come about, they're still the same, they just threw some other stuff in for the sake of diversity. And it is diverse. The seventh track (whose name escapes me) is reminiscent of a Beatles tune, and "21 Guns" reminded me of a Weezer ballad.

It feels so well put together, nonsensical lyrics be damned!

And this, like THe Hold Steady's "Stay Positive", knows when I'm bored. Half the songs start out slow, then kick into high gear the first minute in (like Viva La Gloria! and Before the Lobotomy)

FINAL VERDICT: Get for the catchy and diverse tunes. If you like rock, there's at least one song you'll like. For example, me and my Dad can't stop listening to "Static Age", even though I need someone to explain it me.

I do have faith in their selection of singles, since they, like American Idiot, seem to either be completely self-contained, or have themes that overshadow the story in the song.

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